Thinkin' About It Thursday

This week, I'm thinking...

  • What a relief it is to have my travel visa in hand.
  • That Jenny Doan is one fun chick.
  • How, on the other hand, she's now added several quilts to my "wish-to-make" list.
  • That if I do get around to making even a couple of those quilts, though, it'll make a nice dent in my pre-cut stash.
  • How that would make me feel good, using those dang pre-cuts that have been hanging around for years.
  • That sleep is just such a good thing.
  • That my "Fitness Friday" post this week won't be any great shakes.
  • How I need just a few more super-productive, heads-down days in my office with no distractions to actually have a hope of getting everything done that I need to get done to be out of the office in December.
Empty lot next door

Empty lot next door

  • How sad I am to see the empty lot next door rock-hounded, and how I'm wondering if that means it has actually, really truly sold this time.
  • That we're going to need to fence in our back yard now because the doggies have gotten way too used to nearly ten years of wandering as they will.
  • How I doubt new neighbors will appreciate that.
  • That new neighbors may move in with dogs of their own, and I'm praying they're not bark-y ones like the one on the street next to us that you can hear for miles...
  • How I'm building up all sorts of ideas for quilt projects I want to get rolling on when I get back home.
  • That it may take awhile before I'm awake enough to trust myself near my sewing machine or rotary cutter.
  • That, if it weren't for being in Burma the month of December, I'd already have my lightbox out and running as we've truly entered Dark Gray Season around here.
  • How being in Burma might buy me some wiggle room on my usual S.A.D. schedule as I'll be in full sun while I'm there.
  • How I've got to dig my sunscreen out of storage and make sure it gets packed.
  • That November is just flying by...