WIP Wednesday--String Star

I think I've only managed to connect to Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday once, but I've finally managed to time it right this time!

Last weekend I finally got the borders on my string star quilt, started in a class with Ami Simms at the AQS quilt show in Lancaster, PA, back in April. I took the class mostly because I've always wanted to take a class with Ami Simms--she's a hoot. (I have an interview with her on my podcast too--great fun!)  I used a collection of African fabric fat quarters I'd been gathering over the years--I'd never figured out the best way to use them and decided this class was as good an experiment as any. I was very unsure how everything would turn out, but I'm quite pleased!

The background fabric is from my LQS--I like the cross-hatch design on it (sort of "thatch-y"), and the light gray sets off the fabrics really well without being the more jarring contrast of a plain white.

The biggest challenge on this was the African fabrics themselves. There was a lot of variation in thread count and weave. Some were very stiff, others were really stretchy. That border caused me some grief. Besides, mitering string pieced borders isn't fun--seams ending up in all sorts of wrong places. But it worked out better than I worried it would, so it's all good.

As of this writing I'm still pondering quilt designs. I think I'll have awhile to do that--I'm unlikely to get back to this until August when my work travel is over for a few weeks.

This has already been designated for a recipient, but I've really fallen in love with it. I do have enough of the fabrics and even enough cut borders left to do a second quilt for myself. I haven't decided if I'm up for that yet--I'm not a huge fan of doing the same thing twice. We'll see.

Here's my traditional "Dog with Quilt" shot. He was apparently quite pleased to be included. Smiley guy. But he kept his tennis ball nearby just in case I put the camera down.

And yes, I dragged my portable quilt hanger out of the pool for the photo op. Because I'm just that kind of Mom.

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#BDSI--Boxing Day Sew-In Giveaway and Linky Party!

December 26th, Boxing Day, is a day to continue holiday festivities in whatever way you choose! For me, I choose a Jammie Day and some sewing. (Although I heard rumor my son is inviting a couple of friends over for our annual Settlers of Catan tournament, so I may have to change out of the jammies at some point.)

And, as I get ready for the new year, I'm doing a little housecleaning--namely, sorting through fabric and choosing some that, lovely as it is, and as much as I loved it and had ideas in my head for it when I bought it, has languished on my shelves for some time.

I'm offering it up to some lucky winners who will be sure to give it loving, far more productive homes!

I'm going with the stripey theme this time.

Four lucky winners will win two yards of fabric each! In one case, that's two yards of a single stripe. In the other three cases, I've found two coordinating fabrics that add up to two yards (or thereabouts).

First, the Un-Fun Disclaimers:

  • I've got two dogs, so although the fabric is clean, I can't guarantee there's no doggie hair on them anywhere. Sorry, anyone with allergies!
  • I don't usually prewash. If you're a prewasher, you're going to want to toss these in the laundry when you get them.

And now, for...

The Boxing Day Sew-In Giveaway

Four winners: winners will receive one of the following (my choice).

Prize #1: 1 1/2 yds stripe, 1/2 yd brown

Prize #1: 1 1/2 yds stripe, 1/2 yd brown

Prize #2: 1 yard stripe, 1 yard check

Prize #2: 1 yard stripe, 1 yard check

Prize #3: 2 yards stripe

Prize #3: 2 yards stripe

Prize 4: 1 yard weave design, 1 yard green

Prize 4: 1 yard weave design, 1 yard green

To enter, just leave a comment on this blog post telling me of a favorite holiday tradition--of any holiday you choose! Then be sure to indicate in the Rafflecopter widget that you've left your blog comment. You'll see on Rafflecopter you have another couple of options of ways to earn extra chances.

This giveaway is open until Friday, December 27th, at midnight my time (Eastern).


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Scrapitude Progress and Linky #2


I consider it a significant benchmark that I finally finished cutting all my Scrapitude pieces.

Woohoo, yay me, happy dance, n' like that. 

I got home Tuesday afternoon from my week of back-to-back meetings. Wednesday was a comp day, and I was a bit fried. I didn't feel like going out of the house to get batting for Baby Quilt Remix and was a little worried about trying to do any machine quilting, as tired as I was. I decided, therefore, it was a good day to crank up Netflix on my iPad (Midsomer Murders, my second time through the series) and simply knock out the rest of the cutting I had to do for Scrapitude. I do already have a little sewing done on the four-patches from Step 1, but not much. 

I'll be putting out a podcast episode this weekend (already started making my notes!). Meanwhile, I decided it might be time to do another Linky Party.  I'm going to leave this one open until next Wednesday so you'll have the weekend to make as much progress as you'd like. That also means you may want to check back periodically to see who has linked up!

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Scrapitude Progress and Linky Party #1


Here's how far I've gotten on Scrapitude, and I started a whole lot sooner than all y'all!

I still have about 60 scrap squares and nearly all my background to cut.





But wait! I do already have bunches of squares sewn into pairs. Okay, so I cheated a little. I raided a project bin I'd started last spring to do a Jacob's Ladder scrap quilt. Holy Moly, I have enough 2 1/2" squares for probably four Jacob's Ladder quilts after I get Scrapitude done, so all's fair in UFOs and Finishes.





And, since I did that little tutorial on nested seams in four-patches last time, I do have two four-patches done. Yay me.


Are you doing the Scrapitude Mystery Quilt by Charlotte? If so, link up your blog post about your progress so far here! 

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