In the name of keeping myself on track, here it is. My very complete, very painful list of WIPs, UFOs, On-Decks, and Ditched. I'll do my best to keep this updated as I go! I post pics of my completed projects on my blog, or you can find them on Flickr.

Recent Completions

  1. Embroidery prayer flag--done April 26, 2015: counted as April Journal Quilt (so it knocks two off my WIP list below--however, I added one to the WIP list for a special short-term project that just came up)
  2. March Journal Quilt--which, I'm now realizing, wasn't even on my WIP list. Oops.

Works in Progress 

These are projects I'm actively working on in some way or another in my current rotation.

  1. Annie Unrein "Everything in Its Place" Bag (Annie Unrein Craftsy class)
  2. Butterfly felted wool embroidery project (Sue Spargo Craftsy Class, although the same project may spill over into another Craftsy class)
  3. Wedding Jacob's Ladder quilt
  4. Mug Rug for Sandi of Quilt Cabana Corner's Mug Rug Swap
  5. Craftsy 2015 BOM--May block--or I will be working on this in another week, more like!
  6. Block for friend

Unfinished Projects (UFOs) and next step

In my definition, it's not a UFO until that first cut is made. These projects have all been at least already cut, most have already been pieced to varying degrees of completion.

  1. Duffle bag: finish inserting zipper and complete bag
  2. 2015 Craftsy BOM: need to complete 1 February block, 1 March block, 1 April block--although this is an ongoing project, the months I've not completed yet are UFOs.
  3. 2008 Guild BOM: blocks completed; need to decide on setting 
  4. 2015 Scrapitude quilt: need to finish piecing blocks
  5. African Star Wallhanging: need to determine quilting design
  6. Circles art quilt: need to determine quilting design
  7. Colors and Curves art quilt: need to finish borders
  8. Fibonacci quilt: need to finish piecing blocks, then decide if I'm continuing this or ditching it and moving on
  9. Flames tapestry wallhanging; need to quilt
  10. Jelly Roll Sampler: blocks completed; need to decide on setting
  11. Katerina Project: need to assess* 
  12. Art quilt map: need to finish piecing blocks
  13. 2013 Paper-pieced Guild BOM: need to assess
  14. Stonehenge Medallion Star: need to determine quilting design (and backing)
  15. Vickie's peacock: needs backing and quilting
  16. Dyed fabric sheet quilt design study group homework: need to assess
  17. Repetition quilt design study group homework: need to assess

* "need to assess" may mean figuring out what I have to do to finish it, or it may mean figuring out if I even want to finish it or dispose of it in another way.

Projects on Deck

These are not UFOs since nothing has been cut yet, but are somewhere in my current mental filing cabinet. Just because I have the fabric for something, doesn't mean it'll actually become a WIP! I may eventually decide I'm no longer interested in starting it.

  1. Laurel Burch Horses wallhanging: have all the fabric
  2. Jelly Roll Race: have strips
  3. Art quilt--Burma sunset: have fabrics
  4. Art quilt--Monochromatic trees: have fabrics
  5. Art quilt--Burma cave ceiling: have fabrics
  6. Art quilt--feather: have fabrics and design
  7. Vickie's Rose UFO: lots of assessing and research to be done here (technically, this has already been cut, but not by me! So therefore it's not a UFO until I've made my first move on it)
  8. Mom's flower blocks: assessing and research (see note from #7 above)

UFOs I've disposed of (in other ways than completing them)

  1. Bowtie blocks: 11 completed, gave to a friend who will likely turn them into a donation quilt
  2. Warm challenge snail's trail block background: background had been completed, giving away to any interested party at next guild meeting