Craftsy Class Review--Creative Ways with Whole Grains

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I've finished watching the five lessons of the class "Creative Ways with Whole Grains," with Anna Bullett, executive chef at Cooking Light. I haven't done any of the recipes from the class (so I don't have any pics--sorry!) but certainly picked up a few tips for the next time I use quinoa or make a risotto. This is a freebie class so I figured I had nothing to lose and might pick up some healthy ideas along the way.

After the short introduction that assumes you don't know anything about Craftsy (that's why they offer these freebies, after all), there are four lessons that move from definitions and general information about whole grains, to pilafs and bakes, breakfast, and risotto.

I think I'm particularly intrigued by lesson four, which is using whole grains for breakfast. Beyond oatmeal, Bullett offers a few new ideas for some breakfast grains. Quinoa for breakfast? Definitely a thought! She cooks it in light coconut milk mixed with water, adds a bit of brown sugar and a little bit of salt. Throw some fruit on the top when it's done and you've got a healthy, filling breakfast with a tropical flare. I believe I'll be trying that out sometime in the next couple of weeks. She also talks about steel-cut oats in the slow-cooker--which I'm already a fan of! She suggests a tweak to my usual recipe, though, that I'm willing to give a shot--sounds tasty.

Anna is easy to watch, although I'd wish for just a little more of a natural feeling to her presentation. She's a good teacher, but it does feel a little overly scripted compared to some of the other food-related classes I've taken on Craftsy. Still, that doesn't take away from what you learn's free!

So, if you're looking for a quick cooking lesson with some healthy new ideas, I'd definitely recommend this class. And...did I already's free?

The Basics:

  • Five lessons, from about 9 mins to 17 mins (absent the <1 min intro lesson).
    • Lesson 1: Intro to Craftsy
    • Lesson 2: About Whole Grains--great background information about what makes a whole grain a whole grain, what to look for on labels, why they're healthy, etc.
    • Lesson 3: Pilafs and Grain Bakes
    • Lesson 4: Whole Grains for Breakfast
    • Lesson 5: Whole-Grain Risotto

Again, that link is "Creative Ways with Whole Grains," with Anna Bullett. I'll post pics later on if I do the breakfast quinoa thing!

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