Episode 190 In Which We Get a Little Bit Crazy 11-23-15

Letting you know it's time to get ready for #BFSI! In this episode, I talk about a finish, a near finish, a I-wonder-if-I'll-finish-it-in-time-for-Christmas, and a it-has-a-snowball's-chance-in-h-e-double-hockey-sticks of ever getting finished. 

I mentioned Sue Spargo's website for threads: www.suespargo.com. The other one I talked about is MeinkeToy Fiber Art Supplies at www.meinkeytoy.com

Episode 173 In Which We Experiment 2-1-15

It's snowing! And that means pretty, pretty colors spring to life in my basement. In this episode, I announce the winners of the 2015 Quilty Resolutions Giveaway and a throw-down-the-gauntlet challenge between me and Sandi of Quilt Cabana Corner podcast and blog involving snow-dyes. I also talk about the possible chance of a meet-up in Kansas in June. I give an update of my current quilty projects, talk a little bit about reading plans for 2015, and do some listener feedback.

Website for the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival (June 19-21): http://kcrqf.com/

The book podcasts I refer to in this episode are:

Daisy of Very Lazy Daisy Quilts podcast and blog lifted these up to my notice, although they've also been talked about by Tanesha of Crafty Garden Mom podcast and blog as well.

The books I referenced are:

The Audible audiobooks I referenced are:

And, finally, the monthly short story magazine subscription I mentioned is One Story, at www.one-story.com

Episode 171 In Which We Talk 2015 Quilty Resolutions 12-31-14

I'm skipping the "travelogue" portion of report on my trip to Burma/Myanmar for now (and explain that a little bit in this episode). Meanwhile, back to our regularly scheduled programming--it's time for 2015 Quilty Resolutions! In this episode I give a Sandy Update about what I'm currently working on, as well as a summary of how I did on my own 2014 quilty resolutions. Then I announce the 2015 Quilty Resolution Challenge!

I'll have a submission form and Rafflecopter up on my blog sometime before the end of this week so you can enter my 2015 Quilty Resolution Challenge Giveaway. Have fun thinking of what you want to do!

Episode 160 In Which I Talk about Quilty Resolutions 6-29-2014

2014 is halfway in the bag! How did I miss that? In this episode, I announce (officially) the Second Quarter 2014 Quilty Resolutions Check-in Giveaway and Linky party. It's on my blog--click here for the actual post with the Rafflecopter giveaway and linky party. (The deadline is next Saturday.) I also give a Sandy update, and then talk about my own quilty resolutions and what staying focused has helped me to achieve so far this year. 

Episode 154 In Which I'm Luminous and Thready 4-16-14

In this episode, I start with another in the "12 mistakes to learn from" series of 2014; then we move on to announce a newcomer in the podcasting world (woot!), give an app review, talk about luminosity in quilts, and some yummy yummy thread I've been using lately.

Find Ms. Lottie's new podcast here: The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady on iTunes or direct from Podbean.

Luminosity quilts:

  • Check out Jinny Beyer's Borealis quilt.
  • This link *should* take you to Pinterest and a search results page for "Luminosity quilts." (If it doesn't work--you're on your own to use the search engine on Pinterest and see what turns up!) My favorites, mentioned in the episode, are "It's About Time" by Janet Stedman and "Lattice Works VI" by Carol Olsen

Superior Thread's website is here.

Episode 147 In Which We Talk Scraps and Spas and Shape-Cuts 2-23-14

In this episode, I announce the 2014 Quilty Resolution First Quarter Check-in, then talk about Scrapitude, spa-days, and the Shape-Cut ruler. I also give a brief review of the Great Courses lecture series "How Colors Affect You: What Science Reveals" (which I mistakenly referred to as "The Science of Color" in the episode), and talk about three fitness-related apps: FitBolt, EarnedIt, and Every Move.

Episode 140 In Which We Had BDSI 12-29-13

In this episode, I've actually gotten some stuff done! I talk about what I've accomplished recently and how I'm setting myself up for success in achieving my goals in 2014. There's also a few recommendations and reviews.

Mentioned in this episode:

Daily Routine app, Productivity Wizard app, LifeTopix app

Podcast: Old Time Radio Mysteries

Deb Hunter's Rapid Fire Hunter Star Ruler (Petite Star)



Episode 138 In Which We Make 2014 Quilty Resolutions 12-16-13

It's that time of year again! In this episode I give the parameters for my 2014 Quilty Resolutions Challenge. Get ready to accomplish some key things in 2014! I also review two Craftsy classes:

Creative Quilt Backs with Elizabeth Hartman

Piece, Patch, Quilt: Basic Quiltmaking Skills with Gail Kessler

Here's the link to submit your 2014 Quilty Resolutions--but be sure you've listened to the episode first to hear the parameters for this year!

And here's what one lucky entrant randomly drawn will win! Five (count 'em, 1-2-3-4-5!) fat quarters!

In my opinion, these would make a great purse.

And if someone wanted to make said purse and then gift it to one of their favorite podcasters whose podcast's acronym is QFTRU, that would not be frowned upon. Tee hee.


So fill out your quilty resolutions using the link above, and have your name entered in the drawing for this great fabricy goodness!


Episode 123 In Which I Went to Paducah 5-1-13

Honey, I'm home! I'm back from AQS QuiltWeek in Paducah, KY, and lived to tell about it. More or less. In this episode, I describe my experiences in Paducah, including a meet-up with a listener, scalping tickets to a class, and a conversation with a very nice police officer. Oh, and quilts. Plus I announce the winners of my 3rd Podcastaversary Giveaway, and what's up for the next episode! Thanks for listening!