Episode 145 In Which I Talk Contrast with Jaye 2-2-14

Jaye's back, and this time we're talking about the design principle of contrast. Find out how understanding contrast (and not just contrast of color!) can help make your quilts more interesting and effective.

Jaye always posts great supplemental blog posts for each episode. To check hers out, visit www.artquiltmaker.com/blog.

I'll be back next week to announce some giveaway winners and catch up on listener feedback!

Episode 142 In Which I Talk Emphasis and Focal Point with Jaye 1-12-14

Yay! The design series is back! Woot woot! In this episode, after a long delay, Jaye and I are finally back to discuss the next design principles in our series, emphasis and focal point. As usual, Jaye gives tons of great information and examples. And we talk about what a time suck Pinterest can be. And gardens. Believe me, it all relates.

Visit Jaye's blog at www.artquiltmaker.com/blog to see her post that supplements this episode. (I can't post a direct link since I'm doing this ahead of time, as I'll be out of town for work when it actually goes live.)

 On Pinterest? Follow Jaye's design elements board. (And her other boards--they're all great!)

Remember to leave a comment about your thoughts on this episode--and post pictures of quilts you've made or have seen (post with permission, please) that exemplify what we're talking about.