Episode 147 In Which We Talk Scraps and Spas and Shape-Cuts 2-23-14

In this episode, I announce the 2014 Quilty Resolution First Quarter Check-in, then talk about Scrapitude, spa-days, and the Shape-Cut ruler. I also give a brief review of the Great Courses lecture series "How Colors Affect You: What Science Reveals" (which I mistakenly referred to as "The Science of Color" in the episode), and talk about three fitness-related apps: FitBolt, EarnedIt, and Every Move.

Episode 146 In Which I Didn't Have a PDSI 2-18-14

I'm back after a bit of a break due to life. Oops. In any case, in this episode, I announce the winners of the 2014 Quilty Resolutions Giveaway, talk a little bit about Savannah and some fabric shops there, explain why I didn't end up getting much done during PDSI (President's Day Sew-In), and share themes I saw in your responses to the 2014 Quilty Resolutions. Have fun!