Episode 200 In Which We Turn 200! 6-26-16

Welcome to my 200th episode! Since I missed my 6th podcastaversary back in March, I'll take this opportunity instead to give some stuff away! Look underneath the podcast player for information about my 200th episode giveaway!

In this episode, I talk a little bit about vacation but mostly about what I've been up to in my sewing room and embroidery-wise. I've been making progress! Plus, the ever-favorite-of-mine, listener feedback!

Later note: I misspoke in this episode and said both embroidery projects I have going are Lynette Anderson designs. They're not. I got it right in the related blog posts, though--the Christmas ornaments are Lynette Anderson, the Halloween BOM is Bunny Hill Designs. My bad!

And so...it's my

200th episode!

Which means it seems to be time for a giveaway!

Enter to win these fat quarters and the "Quick Turn tool" (sold in a variety of places but it's come in particularly handy on my Annie Unrein projects--she sells it on her website at www.byannie.com.) The Quick Turn tool is an easy way to turn fabric tubes right-side out again--something you do a lot of in making accessories.

To enter, leave a comment below responding to this question:

What would you love to do 200 times? 

I've loved posting 200 episodes. I've loved the conversation, the comments, the challenge, and making new friends via the airwaves (or the fiber optic cables, whatever). I love seeing pictures of what y'all are working on, and I love getting your excellent tips for how I could avoid completely screwing something up the next time I work on it. I love being inspired by your projects and I love it when you poke at me to keep going when I'm ready to toss it in. Thanks for 200 fun times, and I'm looking forward to more!

Also, I'd love to eat 200 pieces of chocolate. Although probably not all at once. That might be gross.

So--leave your comments--what would you love to do 200 times?

After you've left your comment, use the Rafflecopter widget to enter the giveaway. (I can't include you unless you're in Rafflecopter as the winner gets chosen at random through their widget.)


Episode 192 In Which I'm Finally on School Break

A little bitta bling--always hard to get a blingie picture, though!

A little bitta bling--always hard to get a blingie picture, though!

I can actually talk about quilting and embroidery and fun stuff now! Progress update on several embroidery projects and a bit about some quilting projects. I do talk about my school-related plans for the break until my January class, but I warn you when it's coming so you can just stop listening at that point if you'd like to; I do, however, end with listener feedback as usual. And by the way, I apparently have a complete mental breakdown by the end. Barely coherent, really. So it may be worth hanging in for the entertainment value.

Mentioned in this episode: 

Scandinavian Needlecraft by Clare Youngs

KFNeedleworkDesign on Etsy

Lorraine at ColourComplements on Etsy who REALLY lives in Canada, not the UK as I mistakenly reported. (I've since fixed it on that blog post.)

Akonye Kena fair trade embroidery threads (and check out their buttons too)

Daylight wafer light box that my friend has and I really, really want.

And here's the real link for MeinkeToy, although I've also fixed it in that episode show notes as well.


Episode 169 In Which I Do Embroidery 11-16-14

No take-backs! I promise--this one will stay. I'm done messing with your minds for awhile. In this episode, I talk about machine quilting words and doing some hand embroidery. Plus the usual listener feedback. This may or may not be the last episode I'm able to post before skipping the country. If I don't manage one next week, I'll catch ya on the rebound!