Fabric Stash Follow-up

Ran across a good article this morning that made me think of the episode I did on stash fabrics (was that one episode 004? I forget). Anyway, check out: http://quilting.about.com/b/2007/04/16/which-color-makes-the-tallest-stack-in-your-fabric-stash.htm.

Fun little poll to do there about what color is the tallest stack in your stash. Mine's neutrals, and apparently I'm in the minority according to the poll results. Hmmm.

I way overslept this morning--guess I was on the west coast just long enough for my body to start switching time zones. Dang. But I'm up now--time to start recording my next podcast episode and then hopefully get some sewing in before the family is back around again this afternoon. Tomorrow it's back to work...