Home again, home again, jiggi...ty....zzzzzzzz

The flights all went smoothly, but they were crammed to the brim. The requisite screaming babies (I felt bad for the mom, but also, admittedly, a little sorry for myself!), toddlers kicking the back of my seat, trying to avoid touching the poor guy in the middle seat of our row, etc. I didn't sleep much at all on the red-eye from Seattle to Chicago so I'm on definite major sleep deficit here; unfortunately, napping doesn't really work for me. I wake up feeling worse than I started. So I'm just going to plow through and go to bed as early as I think I can get away with tonight.

I only listened to a couple more quilty podcasts on the trip home--some older episodes of "Jackie's Quilting Chronicles." There's no way I'll have time to listen to all episodes of everyone's podcasts so I'm having to skate through and only pick out a small handful of each. I enjoyed Jackie's; I listened to a couple of episodes where she talked about various tools and picked up some good ideas. Check her out!

I have this weird reaction to Dramamine hangover--I tend to eat my way through the next day. I think it's a mixture of carbo-loading from being overtired and trying to do anything I can to stay awake as long as possible. So I'm now trying to distract myself with playing a computer game and in a bit, I may go up and tackle my scrap bins and see if I can cut some into usable pieces. Working on my next podcast episode on scraps has inspired me! I'm a little worried about using a rotary cutter when I'm this tired, though. Way to lop off a finger!

After listening to all of these podcasts, I am realizing that I've never really posted pictures of projects in progress--just completions. So I'm going to use this blog a little differently in the future. So--more pics, more short entries with updates on projects, and lots of questions for everyone!

Meanwhile, to sleep...perhaps to dream...(of quilted sugarplums?)