You Know It's Probably Not the Right College When...

...your daughter's eyes glaze over 5 minutes into the tour. Maybe the glazing started even before we left the waiting room in the admissions building.

Granted, I think I agree. On Saturday, I could easily picture her on every corner of that campus--eating in the dining hall, sleeping in the door room, sitting in the classrooms, hanging out under the tree in the middle of one of the courtyards, and especially hanging out in the library. Today, at this school, I had to squint to imagine her anywhere there--and even at that, my imaginary daughter-on-campus was blurry and not altogether happy. It's a great school--just probably not the best school for her.

She's not crossing it off the list yet; it just dropped way down, probably below a few undiscovered colleges that have yet to even be added to the list. My husband and I talked with her on the way back to the hotel and explained that college visits are sort of like dating--much of the reason you do college visits is to find out what you don't like, as much as finding out what you do like. She can't entirely put her finger on why she didn't like the school at this stage, but she'll figure it out, especially after she's got a couple more visits under her belt.

And by the way, the only store in town that sells fabric is a general hobby store and the couple of shelves of fabric were stuffed in among dusty shelves of yarn, toy trains and accoutrements, woodworking tools, kids' craft kits, and all sorts of whatnot. Hmmmm. Maybe there is a connection between "the right school for my daughter" and "quilt-friendly!"