Creativity Challenge from Episode 9

In episode 9 I issue a "creativity challenge"--you're invited to join in whether you're a listener or not!

Creativity Challenge: Use the photo below for inspiration for a project, and send me photos of the results by June 7, 2010 (at midnight Eastern Time). It doesn’t matter what the project is, and it doesn’t matter how you use the photo for inspiration. You might print the photo on fabric and then do something funky with it; you might be inspired by the colors, the subject matter, the feel/mood…it doesn’t matter. You can combine this project with other projects–allow this photo to inspire how you approach some other project that you’re doing. Doesn’t matter! Just be inspired. Post a comment below if you think you want to join the challenge. Then send me a photo (or a link to your blog where you’ve posted the photo) by midnight on June 7. Anyone who completes the challenge will have their name put in a drawing for a fun gift! Here’s the photo:
(Remember, if you want to print this on fabric, you’ll need to email me and I’ll provide a high res version without my name on it. Just please give photographer’s credit if you post pictures of your finished project anywhere. Thanks!)

Hope you'll join in the fun!

Meanwhile, back to quilty blogging. I made another run to Joann's today (may as well sign over my first-born child) and picked up supplies to play with printing photos on fabric. I'm hoping to start doing a little experimenting this weekend with some funky techniques, plus I'd like to get the backing together for my Square-in-a-Square quilt so I can drop it off at the machine quilter's next weekend when I'll be sorta-kinda in the area for my quilt retreat. The weather is supposed to be pretty cruddy all weekend so it's a good weekend to stay inside and play!