The Garage Floor Quilt--Yay, Frances!

Frances sent me the photo of the quilt with quilting patterns inspired by an airport parking garage floor. (She actually stopped listening to the podcast episode in the middle to hop on her computer to email me the photo so I'd stop nagging her, LOL!)

Here 'tis. She offers it with the caveat that she's new to hand-quilting--this is her first attempt. Looks great, Frances!

See--you can get inspiration from anywhere!

Frances and I did commiserate over a problem we both have: marking with chalk is great if you can keep the chalk outlines on there long enough to still see them when you get to quilting that section. But sometimes the chalk then doesn't come OUT when you need it to, even with a damp cloth. It tends to really sink into the fabric and thread fibers. If anyone has any great hints about this, lay 'em on us!