The Process Pledge

I followed a link tonight and came across, and ended up taking "the process pledge."

"I, __Sandy____, pledge to talk more about my processes, even when I can’t quite put them in the in words or be sure I’m being totally clear. I’m going to put my thinking and my gut feelings out there."

Rossie seems to be part of the modern quilter world. I'm not a modern quilter, but then I'm also not NOT a modern quilter. I defy categorization, LOL. Actually, I just like playing with fabric in pretty much any mode. But I agree with Rossie's comments that just seeing pictures of people's finishes isn't always enough. I like to know why they chose certain things, what their inspiration is, etc. Even if it's just to say, "These colors are purdy."

We don't always have to be deep. Too much pressure.

The main thing that Rossie seems to be promoting is not waiting until the end to post about a quilt project, but to be more cognizant of posting things in progress, talking about where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. I'm game.

BTW, Rossie's blog has an interesting conversation going in the comments section about what defines "modern" quilts, what's considered "art," and the like. Considering I posted a question in the BigTent group for "Quilting...for the Rest of Us" a few days ago asking, "how do you define your own quilting: as art, craft, or hobby" (or some wording to that effect) and spurred a great conversation there, it's apparently a hot topic. I'm still undecided. I think I don't like to label myself because that would imply there are things I don't want to try. And so far, I've wanted to try it all!