Use a Charm, Get a Charm

I'm a bit under the weather today. I've either been fighting off a cold or the onslaught of allergies for several days and after being on the road the last few days, it hit full-on this morning. I took half a sick day today and spent a little time in bed. That helped a little, but not enough that I feel confident going near my sewing machine at the moment. We'll see how the rest of the afternoon goes. (I think it's a cold, but sometimes I can only judge by seeing which set of meds actually works.)

Anyway, I took a few not-great-quality-pics to update you on my progress from my guild's quilt retreat last weekend. I had a great time, and managed to create myself a few new UFOs to boot. Bully.

First two projects--no pictures. I got the backing for one quilt done and dropped it off at the long-armers. You'll hear more about that one at some later date.

But I did pick up some pretty pretty fabric there since the shop was having a "buy three yards, get fourth free" sale. I decided to stock up on whites and light creams for my stash--I have almost none--and check out the really cool ombre I picked up! Oooh--can't wait to play with that one. (It's a Daewoo--love that line!)

The second no-pic-project was a charity quilt that took me all day Friday--and I mean all freaking day--to finish and was a total pill. 'Nuff said about that one.

So Saturday I treated myself to easy-shmeasy. A couple of times over the last few years, I've tried to make myself a business card holder that I can love. Here is the most recent effort. First one, made exactly to the instructions from the magazine, came out a hair too small. I redrew the pattern larger, and got this one.

It fits my cards, but I have different sets of cards so I really want something with pockets. So, the search continues. (I have a quilted credit card holder that a friend gave me that I think I'm going to deconstruct and rework. Someday.)

The next project took longer, but I got the entire top pieced. I just have to do the backing and binding now. Won't take long, once my head stops swimming.

Lousy picture--couldn't get a good angle on it. It's one of those hanging pocket organizer thingies--the pockets are all made from a charm pack. The checkerboard borders are two fat quarters. Not sure I'm digging the borders with the pockets but I'll live with it. They looked better when I was picking them out in my sewing room. The colors work, they just don't really jazz me. But I don't have any real plans for this--I really just wanted to use up a charm pack and this seemed as good a use as any. I'll take a better picture once it's done and hanging up.

But...use a charm pack, get a charm pack. Here's what I won in my two door prizes through the weekend:

But, oooh, that charm pack is pretty! And matching thread too boot!

The other two packages are a magnetic shopping list (which I love--use those all the time) and pre-printed quilt labels, very handy. We like presents.

I finished up the work on the hanging door organizer late Saturday night, so Sunday I allowed myself the fun of going back to an old fave: stack n' slash. I had a set of flannel fat quarters in more masculine colors/patterns that I wanted to use to make my husband a cozy throw so he'd stop stealing the one I made myself last year. Stack n' slash is a hoot to do. I've done several. One of the women in my guild tells me I'm addicted. Maybe not quite--but they're fun and easy and when I'm way overtired, they're about the only thing I feel like doing! (Check out this link if you're not familiar with stack n' slash. I do mine more randomly than that but it's the same idea.)

Projects I now have to finish before I can get back to my other UFOS:
1. 4 more charity quilts (long story)
2. Hanging organizer
3. Flannel stack n' slash

Think I can get those done by next week? :-)