Virtual Quilting

Haven't had a lot of time over the last several days to do any *real* quilting--you know, with actual fabric, thread, and a whirring machine--mostly because I've been having to play catch-up with my Quilt University class on EQ6. I got myself two weeks behind so I had to do three weeks of lessons in one week.

Fortunately, Fran Gonzalez, the instructor of the class, does a great job at outlining each step exactly and in a way that makes a lot of sense. So although it took me several hours over the period of a few days to catch myself up, I was able to do so with a minimum of frustration. There's only one step that still isn't working for me--I ultimately ended up skipping it and moving on. I understood the concept--just couldn't get it to work for me at the moment. I have some setting turned off that's supposed to be turned on and I haven't deciphered which one it is yet. I'm going to go back and mess with it again a couple of days from now when my teeth don't start clenching the second I look at the block I was supposed to be drawing.

I thought I might get my hands on some fabric tonight but allergies are in high gear (dang cottonwood) and I was suddenly more in the mood for a girls' night out with my daughter at the mall than I was sitting in my slightly stuffy sewing room. She and I had a very nice night. And the fabric will still be there tomorrow.

I think I'll spend the rest of the evening playing with some of my newly-learned EQ skills. I also think I'll be upgrading to EQ7 in the near future. Now that I actually feel like I'm starting to know what I'm doing--the possibilities are intriguing! (Thanks, Fran!)