The Freedom of Ephemerality

If only that were a word, "ephemerality." It would be a good one.

I subscribe to "The Best of YouTube" and while mostly it's just a cheap pleasure, sometimes videos really make you stop and think. While I was watching this one, I couldn't help but wonder, "Would I feel more free in my quilting if I knew it would only be there for three hours? Would that liberate me?"

I wonder how much I get bunched up just because I'm thinking, "Others will be seeing this for years to come," or the perennial, "Will I be able to live with that?"

This artist creates art that will only last a matter of hours--and he takes such joy in that. He's so energized by the time frame and by the fact that it'll be wiped clear and he has a clean slate again.

I wonder...

What do you think?

(It's almost 10 minutes long--but worth the time.)