Some Progress...

I wasn't sure I'd actually be able to get any sewing done today with a schedule gone awry, but finally pulled out an hour or so in the end and got the binding on my niece's stack n' slash quilt. I'm madly trying to finish the hand-sewing of that now so I can take it to show n' tell at my guild meeting on Tuesday night completely finished. I can certainly take it even if it's not completely finished--it would just feel better if I could call it done.

Sadly, when my daughter went to bed tonight she discovered that her beloved guinea pig had departed this life for the next. He was about 4 years old, which is around average life expectancy for a guinea pig. But still. He was her buddy. She'd been making arrangements for him to go live with a friend of hers when she went off to college next fall--given his age, I'd been worried that he'd go to the friend and then pass away within the first couple of weeks, and how that would make both my daughter and her friend feel. So all in all, it's best that he move on now. This certainly isn't the first pet she's lost in her nearly-18-years, but so far, probably the one she was personally closest to. She'll be OK in a couple of days--tonight and tomorrow morning will be a little tough for her, in all "the firsts" (first time she doesn't have to refill his water bottle before going to school and so forth).

Does it make me a horrible mother to say, though, that I'm looking forward to getting that cage out of her room? Sigh.  I'll be extra nice to her tomorrow as my own little personal penance. She doesn't ever have to know why.