Show n' Tell--The Peace Quilt is Done!

It's done! Hopefully on its way in tomorrow's mail, if I can get out of my driveway and to the post office. (These drifts are working my last nerve. Think I could crawl in the box with the quilt and ship myself to CA?) This wallhanging will be the topic of my next podcast episode. I learned a lot! I'll hopefully remember at least a third of it!

Here's the front, thanks to my handy-dandy-quilt-hanger, dear daughter. Cutest quilt hanger in the world. Probably also the one that complains the most. I tell her it comes with the territory and to suck up and deal. I believe in reality therapy.

Detail of quilting. Done by machine, used my acu-feed (walking foot). A little tricky to maneuver around some of those corners but the wonkiness is clearly a design choice. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
More detail including border. This picture might be sideways. Sorry.

BTDubs, I did actually quilt in the border, you just can't see it. I went along the black line between each set of blocks horizontally on the sides, vertically on the top and bottom. A little ray pattern in the corners just to hold them square. Nothing fancy. Wanted the focus to stay on the center.

The back. All that leftover yardage from my ill-fated plan to have the peace signs in the border all face the same direction went to good use anyway. And the fabric in the middle is the one coordinate I bought from the peace sign line. Originally thought it might make a cute binding, then I decided it was way too busy for everything else going on. Used it all on the back instead.

My nephew loves the back. He wants a quilt made just like this.

I said no.

During our photo shoot, my quilt hanger discovered a great stained-glass window affect appears when you hold the quilt up to a light. Nifty.
And, of course, the dogs. And DD's polka-dot slippers. It wouldn't be a picture of a quilt without them, now, would it?