Happy Mother's Day--yay!

My Mother's Day gift! The SewEzi portable sewing table has gotten rave reviews--I don't think anyone in my guild has it but several folks on my last retreat were talking about people they knew who had them who absolutely love them. I have wanted one for awhile to take to retreats, plus I've thought it might be useful to have if a friend came over to sew with me again. The day my BFF/BQF Kate came over to sew with me, I had her set up with my old machine on a small folding table and a plexiglass extension on the machine, which worked OK but was a little wobbly. The SewEzi is supposed to be pretty sturdy with minimal vibration.

Sadly, although my DH wanted to order it for me he wasn't 100% positive what he was actually ordering and didn't want to get anything wrong, so my family announced it as my gift and then I placed my own order for it tonight. Which is absolutely fine--it just means there's no way I'll have it in time for my guild retreat this weekend. Dang. Guess I'll just have to go on more retreats!

Once I've had the chance to take it for a "spin," I'll do a review of it on my podcast.