Episode 71 posted--and a note about iTunes

Hey everyone--I posted episode 71 "In Which We Shop Online" earlier today. It's available at www.quiltingfortherestofus.com, like usual. It's also available in iTunes. However, if you use iTunes software to subscribe to podcasts, the new episode may not automatically download. You can either go into the iTunes store and "get" episode 71 directly from the store, or you can select the podcast in your podcast list in the iTunes software on your computer, right-click, and select "Update podcast." (In my right-click-pop-up menu list, that's the third one down.)

I've had a couple of emails back and forth with iTunes tech support to try to figure out the problem--the usual fixes haven't worked yet. I've got about a week to try to fix this problem before my next podcast. Not that I wanted to spend any time sewing or anything...nah. Much rather spend it monkeying around on my computer and making conversation with tech support!