Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival--Early Report

Here's the haul. You'll be hearing about all of this in more detail in the days to come, once I wake up and can put two coherent sentences together...in a row, even. I'm a little non-verbal today so I'm making an intentional decision to communicate as little as possible* and simply take the day to regroup. I will quite possibly be posting an episode tonight...one that requires very little communication on my part to put together. Here's a sneak peek of things to come, not necessarily in this order:

  • A conversation with the Waterfall Gals.
  • An interview with Karen Lee Carter, quilt teacher and listener.
  • An interview with a new quilt shop owner who came at quilting from another artistic field and conversation about how that design training affects her quilting.
  • My own reflections on the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.

OK, I think those are all the words I have in me at the moment. Time to go play with my new toys.

(*Today's Slow Quilt Monday post, posted just prior to this one, was written last week before I fried my brain at the quilt festival. I'm thankful for technology and the ability to take care of business ahead of time!)