Alice the Spider (Banned Book Challenge)

Alice the Spider
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The only quilt project I can lay claim to for the last two-plus months, sigh.

This is my project for the Banned Book Challenge that Tanesha of CraftyGardenMom and I are co-hosting this month. I decided to do something that would do double-duty: It's both inspired by a banned book and it's a Hallowe'en decoration! (The yo-yos from a previous post are the head and body--I wanted my spider to be a little dimensional and appliqueing yo-yos upside down seemed a heck of a lot faster than messing with trapunto.)

My inspiration book is Go Ask Alice by Anonymous (edited by Beatrice Sparks). This book is a diary-style story of a teenage girl who, after being given a drink laced with LCD at a party, descends into addiction and eventually (spoiler alert) dies of an overdose. It was put forth as a real diary but has since been pretty much debunked in that regard. But still, I was the target audience at the time I read it and it certainly worked on me.  Although it's somewhat unlikely I'd have ever tried drugs anyway, I read this book when I was 12 or 13 (it was in my school library--thank God they didn't believe in banning books!), and I still give it partial credit to this day for the fact that I never even experimented. There are a few scenes from this book that stick with me--one in which she was hallucinating about spiders crawling all over her. So here it is, my spider, in honor of Go Ask Alice.

I imagine it's on the banned book list because I recall it being fairly graphic. It's hard to imagine it's been about 35 years since I read the book. If I read it again today, I'd probably think, "Yeesh. This impressed me THAT much?" Funny, since I was about the same age that I tackled The Hobbit. I pretty much read anything and everything that I could find.

So, have you done your Banned Book Challenge yet? You've got a few days left!