A Finish! 9-Patch Pizzazz

No, sweetheart. I'm not trying to take a picture of you. 

There it is, as best I can do with no portable quilt hangers (aka people) in the house when I was taking the picture. A handy armchair had to do. Hopefully I'll get a better picture for my files later. Here it is, the 9-Patch Pizzazz finished and washed. It's been lightly quilted with a ribbon design vertically down the seams between each row which you can't really see in this picture, but they pick up on the ribbons that appear in the focus fabric. The quilt has been now renamed "Faith, Hope, and Love." If you missed previous posts, that's an adaptation of the Scripture verse that appears in some of the blocks.

Tomorrow night, back to Poppies, a.k.a. "You're Getting Sleepy". I might be able to get that top completed, including borders, in one evening--I don't have a lot left to do. Then I can start working on the Stack the Deck quilt while I'm debating how to quilt Poppies. I'm kinda sorta wishing I had a longarm machine in my basement. Shhh. I didn't say that.