2013 Quilty Resolutions Review

Did you participate in my 2013 Quilty Resolutions Challenge? If so, report in on how you did! Here's a link to the spreadsheet to remind y'all of what you said you wanted to do. Fair warning--the first handful don't have names on them, so hopefully you'll be able to identify yourselves! I think I took out any email addresses but there's a lot of copy to wade through on that spreadsheet so give me a quick heads-up if you see something you shouldn't. :-)

Remember, leave a comment to let me know what you accomplished and what you didn't!

I'll be announcing the 2014 Quilty Resolutions Challenge in my next episode--maybe even recording tonight, but more likely tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with something wonderful. We had the opportunity to have the Burmese Fellowship from our church visit our home tonight and sing us some Christmas carols. I'm truly in the Christmas spirit now.