Some new toys

It was a busy weekend with family in from out of town to celebrate my husband's birthday. The last of the family left town this morning. Although normally I'd have been back to work today, I think I've got a stomach bug (or perhaps my stomach is just well and truly tired of all the unusual eating patterns of a weekend of celebrating) and I ended up laid out for the day.

I mostly slept, read, and watched Netflix, but by late afternoon things were settling down enough for me to make a little progress turning blocks and triangles into a top for Easy Street, and then I played a little with the Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) which has been on my shelves for awhile waiting for me to just start messing with it. "Messing" is the appropriate word at this point. So far I'm learning all the mistakes to avoid later. Hopefully in another few days I'll have something more interesting to post about that.

Meanwhile, over the weekend I got my delivery from (fiber arts supplies), which I'd seen advertised in the latest issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. What fun! I can't wait to use these as embellishments in my experimental quilting. Here's some eye candy for you.

Mesh Yarn--that I can either use all squished up or pulled out into its full mesh-y glory.

Ribbon/yarn made from old saris. Absolutely mouthwatering colors.

Meinketoy also sells what they call "toy boxes," or collections of random scraps of sari yarn. I bought two.

The prices are great, too, b.t.dubs.

Yes, I'm applying peer pressure.

(More later when I'm back in the swing of things about the drawing for the 2013 Quilty Resolutions, and hopefully I'll have more updates on the Easy Street front in another day or two.)