A more successful Saturday afternoon


I did, indeed, go back to sewing after posting yesterday’s blog, and finished the blocks for the random jell roll strip top I’d started in those two weeks I had off between jobs.

So here are all the blocks laid out. I didn’t end up with as much contrast as I really should have in the nine-patches but it’s good enough for horseshoes. The design calls for a pieced border which I will do as it’ll use up more strips from the jelly roll, which is a good thing.

I don’t know if I’ll have sewing time today—I need to do groceries and some food prep for the week, plus my MIL is having folks over for a casual gathering for my husband’s aunt’s birthday. Several of the Fam are at the Bills game, though, so it’s not an all-out family gathering. Frankly, I’m still in enough of an introvert-recovery mode that I’d love to just spend the whole day at home in silence but I know I’ll have a good time once I drag myself out of the house-nest.

It does feel so good to have finally played with fabric again.


Oh—and the almost-ending to the Cotton Cuts story: Kimberly got back to me this morning with a very apologetic email and refunding me the cost of month 6, and a promise she’s putting the correct one in the mail tomorrow. Turns out (as I’d sent her the picture of the block I’d made in error), that was month 6 of the previous mystery quilt. She has no idea how it happened that I’d get the wrong instructions with the right fabrics and the team who bagged all those clues is now gone. Anyway, her response was very nice and very prompt and she solved the problem exactly as she should have. So yes, I’ve just signed up for the next one. The Spring 2019 Puzzle Mystery Quilt “Stratford” just launched. I’m doing the larger one this time, and I’ve taken a complete left turn in terms of the color way as I chose one that looks very 1930s (“Juliet”). It’s not my normal schtick but I’ve been feeling a yen for doing a 30s quilt lately so this seemed like an easy way to work that yen out of my system.

So, that’s that! Tune in (probably next week) for more adventures in Sandy’s sewing room...