#BDSI Report (Boxing Day Sew-In)

I had a very relaxing day today. I’ve chosen to work tomorrow and Friday as it’ll be really quiet (everyone I serve is recovering from what Christmas is in congregational life so no one will want to talk to me). We’ve got lots of internal systems we’re working on so it’ll be good to have a couple of days without many phone calls or external demands on us to get things as settled as possible. All that’s to say today was my one serious pajama day, to just kick back and relax. I spent most of the morning reading a novel, as I said in a previous blog post. There was some cleaning to be done. But I did get to my sewing machine.


The first thing I decided to take care of was finishing off the blocks from the Cotton Cuts Puzzle Mystery Quilt. If you recall, I was sent the wrong blocks the first time around and it caused several back and forth email exchanges with Kim from Cotton Cuts. However, I finally got the correct blocks and Kim was fantastic about the whole thing so the end result was that I have already signed up for their Spring Puzzle Mystery Quilt. It’s a fun, easy, fast way to keep myself sewing even when I have very little time or brain power.

This is one of the four blocks I finished (all identical). I had hoped to actually start working on piecing the top together but first, I had to get what was living on my design wall off of it. Which meant turning my attention to my other work in progress.


I blogged about this one a few posts ago—I got all the blocks pieced a couple of weeks ago and had them up on my design wall as I’d had to work on the layout to avoid identical fabrics being too close. I had to give up in a couple of cases but it’s close enough. 

I still have to do the borders, of course. It’s not my favorite project but once I get the borders done it’ll be cute enough. Not sure what I’ll do with it once it’s finished—whether I’ll keep it or it’ll be put away as a future gift. 

By the time I got that piecing done, I was pretty much “put a fork in me, I’ done.” Christmas Day was a long day with family fun and such so I went back to my novel for a bit, then pulled out a Christmas gift from my mother-in-law that I was anxious to take for it’s maiden voyage for dinner....our new air fryer.



Using the air fryer for the breaded chicken and my instant pot for the rice (I went old school saucepan to heat up the sauce, though), I had chicken Parmesan in just about 15 minutes for dinner.  

I’m so happy. Cooking after a work day just got SO much more interesting! 

And now my husband, daughter, and I are off to see Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.  

Yes, indeed, a relaxing vacation day all around.