#CDSI (Comp Day Sew-In)

I did it! Look at me! I spent time in my sewing room!

It’s amazing what happens when you actually clean your sewing room, doesn’t it? With it all ready to go, it didn’t take much convincing to get myself back into it.

It wasn’t an incredibly productive day, but it was productive enough.


If you recall, I’d once again signed up for the Cotton Cuts Puzzle Mystery Quilt for this spring, a pattern named “Stratford.” I’m doing the Juliet colorway, which is 1930s-inspired. I’ve been collecting the monthly shipments in a pile in my sewing room and finally sat down to knock out the Month 1 clue today.

They come with a swatch sheet to keep track of which fabrics are which throughout the process, clear instructions, and the pre-cut fabric pieces. It’s the Legos of quilting. When I’m functioning at as little brain-power as I am right now, this is exactly what can get me to my machine. They’d be really fast to put together if you wanted, but I am moving very slowly these days so it was a bit of a meditative approach for me this afternoon. Just what the doctor ordered.


Those pieces eventually (meditatively) became this…

So unusually sweet for me.

I may have to give this one away when it’s done, we’ll see. Meanwhile, it’s nice to work outside of my usual color choices. Especially when someone else has done all the thinking for me.

I decided to take all the months’ clues out of the envelopes and put them in the bin (they’re in plastic bags within the envelopes). In doing so, I found the advertisement for the fall Mystery Puzzle Quilt. So I bit. I’ll be doing the large again (72x54) like I am this spring.


It’s named “Cosmos” this time, and I’m doing the Reiki colorway.

I love the aqua batiks—those aren’t at all unusual for me to use. The salmony-pink is a little outside my typical zone, though, as I’m not a pastel kind of person, so once again I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to do something a little off my normal beaten path.

And I doubt I’ll have much more time in the fall than I do now, so the Lego Approach to Quilting will once again come in handy.


The final bit of sewing I got done before I hit a wall (and it hit hard!) was to get the backing pieced and pressed for this jelly roll strip quilt that you may recall from way back when.

Not very exciting, but one step closer to having another finished project. Once I pay someone to nearly-finish it for me, that is.

I have a second jelly roll strip quilt I did at the same time that I thought I’d also prep today but, like I said, the wall got to me before I could do more than pull it off the shelf and locate the backing fabric I’d set aside to use for it. Still, knowing what my next sewing needs to be once I get back in my sewing room will make it that much quicker. It’s a fast back to piece (cut 4 yards of fabric in half, sew it back together in a different direction, good to go).

And with Mom back where she’s supposed to be, all is right in Auggie’s world.