Fight the Funk Friday

Well, hip, hip, hooray--I'm finally back at it again!

I'm 95% over this dang cold. I can still get coughing when I'm laying down in bed at night, and I'm still pretty snuffly when I wake up in the morning, and talking for prolonged periods of time can still be a bit of a problem...

...but really, I'm 95% over it!

I've been back to my 5k training since last week. I took the first few sessions pretty easy, working my way back up to the interval timing we're supposed to be using this week. I'm now at the right timing, but I'm keeping it slower than I had in the past (see yesterday's post). The nod to me still being in recovery is that I have yet to run outside again. It's still been pretty dang cold out there and I didn't want to risk irritating my lungs by inhaling all that frigid air for 45 minutes straight. So, if the weather prediction stays as it is right now (Saturday is supposed to be in the high 30s, which is balmy compared to what its been), tomorrow morning will be my first time back running with the group. Since I've only been doing treadmill running which is significantly easier than running outside, I still have some small concern about being able to keep up with the pack. But I think I'll do okay. 

I also finally got back to a session with my trainer again yesterday. She *sorta* took it a little easy on me, kinda. She started out saying that we'd worry more about having an FPR rather than a WPR--in other words, a "Form Personal Record" rather than a "Weight Personal Record." She had me do some work with kettlebells that, although it seems like mostly arm work, really gets your entire body. When we were done and I was walking towards the locker room, I realized my stride had changed because I was trying to get my land-legs under me again. She gave me permission to email her and cuss her out on Saturday when all my muscles seize up. It's always the second day after a workout, not the first, that's the worst. But whining aside, it really did feel good to be back at it. Even if I did bruise my shoulders with the kettlebells a couple of times--I did at least manage not to knock myself unconscious (although it was close once!). 

I was doing the "clean" part of this--which is lifting and flipping the weight around with your wrist--and squat, but not the press. And no, my kettlebell wasn't quite that big. Ahem. Or even close. I also did swings and something else that I can't remember what she called it but we renamed it the "lawnmower" as I was lifting and pulling the kettlebell back like I was starting a lawnmower with a pullcord. It was a fun set, but hard work.

As far as Weight Watchers is concerned, I managed to lose a whopping 2/10 of a pound this week. And yes, that DOES count. I'm pleased that I was able to stop the upward trajectory that my two-weeks of sick had put me on, so now we're turning the ship around. I've got another major milestone I'd really like to make before Easter. Nothing special happening at Easter--it's just a convenient time-marker for me.

I'm trying to get myself moving more during the day but I keep forgetting. That's where I really miss my FitBit--the Apple Watch movement alarm is way too easy to miss. I'm working on making mental connections between actions, such as "turn on electric kettle to heat water up for tea, pace the first floor while tea is heating," and so forth. That at least gets me moving around a little more than usual. 

Despite the weather of late, we are starting to see the sun more frequently. So I know spring is on its way!

By the way, a couple of you have let me know that following my story is inspiring you to take some steps (so to speak) towards working on your own health. I'm thrilled! I can't tell you what that means to me to hear. I hope you're finding motivation in my less-than-perfection because that's what makes it all work.

Photo by Eric Fleming . Used by permission, Creative

Photo by Eric Fleming. Used by permission, Creative

As they often say, no toddler learning to walk ever took their first fall, then threw up their hands and said, "That's it. Obviously I'm a failure and can't do this, so why even bother?" Nope. They may cry a little bit, but sometimes they giggle. Most importantly, they keep trying. 

You go. You can do this. I know you can.