Fitness Friday

I've been reading @ozzypip's and @quiltcabana's Fitness Friday posts and have started wondering...if I blog about it, will it come? Perhaps doing a Fitness Friday post will bring fitness back into my life. I know I quilt a lot more because I want to have something to blog knowing I've got a FF post coming up, maybe I'll get my tuckus out of my computer chair and get moving again. (Counterintuitive, I know: get my tuckus into a computer chair to write a blog post about how I should get my tuckus out of my computer chair...)

A very willing workout partner

A very willing workout partner

So today's inaugural Fitness Friday, in a nutshell, is "nuttin'." I am so far off the wagon I no longer even see the dust trail. I've just been sitting by the roadside picking daisies, waiting for the next wagon to come trumbling along. I had been doing great for awhile, but then things got super-busy round-about mid-May and it's been downhill ever since. Now that my big summer events are over, though, I have a few weeks to try to get myself back into some sort of routine before the travel kicks in again.

But first, I have to figure out where my Fitbit ended up when I changed out of sopping wet clothes in the front seat of my car somewhere in the middle of Ohio.  

Tomorrow my husband and I go away for the weekend. We come home Monday afternoon. We're only heading about a 3-hour drive away which is close enough to be easy to get to, but far enough to feel "away." Our habit is to do a ton of walking so I'll probably earn some decent steps without having to really think about it. That'll be a good way to get my body used to real moving again. Then, when I'm back home, it's off to the gym.

If my daughter would stop bringing potato chips and bagels into the house, that would help a whole lot too. Dang kids.

Gee--I've written my first post and I'm feeling fitter already! Time to go search out that Fitbit.