Found storm 12-22-13

Yesterday we had this...referred to on one website as "freezing fog," which sounds like something evil out of a video game.


Mind you, normally we can see houses. And trees. And the hill across the road covered in pines....

This morning, we have this:


At least we can see the houses again. And at least most of the trees, although the dark green pine is now coated in a half-inch of ice. I almost hate to refer to this as an "ice storm" because we've lived through some real doozies around here that this barely measures up to. But still n' all, it's ice. And it's a storm. So there is that. We're fortunate compared to many other areas of the country--I'm thinking of y'all!

Ice storms do create a dangerous beauty. Here are some close-ups around the yard. As it's a very soft gray light outside, I had to get creative with the photo-editing...and then just started having fun. No ice was added in the creating of these images. :-)



As for the "found time" in the title, due to the ice we're not heading out to church this morning, so I'm about to spend some quality time in my sewing room. We'll be doing some holiday stuff through the day--I believe my daughter may be doing some cookie baking, and we'll be decorating the tree tonight, so it'll be a nice, cozy, relaxed day at home.

As long as we don't lose power...