Get Ready for #BDSI

I've got my Boxing Day Sew-In (BDSI) blog post ready and scheduled to go live at just past midnight (Eastern time) on December 26th. You'll want to check it out--there's a giveaway involved!

The giveaway is open until midnight December 27th (Sunday). I'll be doing the drawing sometime on Monday the 28th send posting notifications in this blog and by email. So stay tuned!

Want to play along with #BDSI? Just join in the conversation on Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag #BDSI, or post on the Quilting...for the Rest of Us Facebook page or the #Twilters Facebook page. (You need to be invited to join the Twilters page as it's private. Send a FB message to any of us podcasters/Twilters, let us know who you are and that you want to get into the Twilters group, and we should be able to make it happen.)

See you Saturday!