...in which I'm AWOL...

This week is one of my work events in which I moderate a conference call every evening of the week; because we're a national organization we have to schedule the calls at Past-Our-Bedtime in Eastern time zones in order to hit Barely-Home-From-Work in Western time zones. And it always takes me a couple of hours to "come down" from the calls when they're over--IOW, stop my brain from spinning with everything we talked about on the call so I can finally (and generally with the help of pharmaceuticals) drop off to sleep. The first day or two I'm filled with energy and excitement. By mid-week, I'm dragging. By the end of the week, I don't trust myself with heavy machinery or sharp objects.

So I'm not able to post a podcast this week. Nor blogging. Nor actually touching my sewing machine.  

I have, however, made a priority of getting to the gym for as much time as I'm able between work and the conference call. Yay, me. 

Friday night is the last call and I have Monday as a comp day, so you should be hearing from me again soon.