It's Thursday, but It's Wardrobe Wednesday

I got my StitchFix today! Woo! I decided for kicks n' giggles to try doing a video unboxing and try-on, like I see all over YouTube. I'm not making this public on YouTube--don't need the trolls. So hopefully keeping it unlisted there will keep the audience limited to those who are reading this blog. 

Let me know whether you like the video version better than photos and descriptions! 


Here's the list of clothes that I just demo'd:

Leo & Nicole Havana Front Buckle Pullover (the first gray sweater)

Warp & Weft Shealynn Straight Leg Jean

Persie Asymmetrical Hem Pullover (green)

Poppi Textured Pullover (cream-colored really, really soft sweater that I can't stop touching)

Biskra Wool Blend Coat

Thanks again, Kathryn!

Want to check StitchFix out for yourself? Here's my referral link!