Labor Day Sew-In (Let the Sewing Begin!) #LDSI

It's finally here! Yes, the weekend you've all been waiting for...

The Labor Day Sew-In!

There's actually a couple of opportunities to get together and have a great time while getting stuff done.. 


Be sure to check out Lazy Daisy Quilts and Daisy's #LDSI giveaway. (She's always a source of fun!) 


And I've been hearing rumors of others--if I get word of a new one, I'll update this blog post with a link. 


Meanwhile, here's mine. 

Now that I'm creating all this wonderful hand-dyed fabric, I need to make space on my shelves. So I'm giving away some of my wonderful, beautiful commercial fabric to someone who may actually be able to put it to good use!

LDSI Giveaway

LDSI Giveaway

Four yards.

Count 'em. Four yards

One yard each of gorgeous, coordinated 100% quilter's cotton fabrics. 

The three purples are from the Florentine line of P&B Textiles. One is a border print.

The yellow fabric is one I had in my stash that coordinates beautifully although not from the same line (it's labeled "Chanteclair" on the selvedge with no further information.)  I inherited all of these from my mother's stash. They've survived several stash purges of mine but given I still have yet to use them, I decided to let them fly/be free and hopefully show up (in a picture!) soon in someone else's completed project.

(Fair warning: I believe I washed all of these after inheriting them. I live in a smoke-free environment but do have two dogs.) 

To enter in this drawing, please use the Rafflecopter widget embedded below and leave a comment there letting everyone know what quilty project you're currently working on--whether you're able to participate in #LDSI or not.

Make sure your email address is visible to me! I need to have an email address to contact the winner. In the past, I've had to skip a potential winner because they hadn't left an email address for me to be in touch! Double-check your settings to make sure your email address appears in your profile, or just leave it in the comment itself.

(Another fair warning: This is the first time I'm using Rafflecopter because I know some people have difficulty on occasion leaving comments on my blog, so I'm trying this way instead. I'll be watching it carefully through the weekend. If it doesn't seem to work well, I'll go back to the old-school "leave a comment on the blog" thing.)

This giveaway will end at midnight (Eastern time) on Monday, September 2, 2013.

I'll announce the winner on Tuesday. Remember to make sure I can see your email address! And check your email on Tuesday!