Making It Monday--A Near Finish

I finally have a (near) finish to report! 


Remember this project from my February Sew Sampler? I showed the pieced top done in my March Sew Sampler unboxing video. Now I've got it done, with the exception of hand-tacking some corners on the binding down.

I just did a fast stitch-in-the-ditch quilting on it, because my modus operandi was "have it finished before Easter." Well, then I decided to get all fancy and do a decorative stitch on the machine binding and it took for freakin-ever, plus, for some reason, it wasn't always feeding evenly even though I was using my acufeed walking foot, so the decorative stitch gets whonked in a few places. 

Basically, I'm pretty close to deciding machine bindings just aren't for me. I have yet to have one turn out as nicely as I'd like it, and I've done several. I mostly have problems with the corners so I'm going to hand-stitch them down on this one--the step that didn't end up getting done before Easter so it's on my task list today (Monday). It'll take me all of about 15 minutes to do, but mentally I'm already done with this table runner so it's hard to keep myself focused on the last actual finishing details.


Meanwhile, getting that project (nearly) done means I can get cracking on one of my UFOs. This baby quilt is under the needle getting quilted today. It was started before she was born, and we're coming right up on her first birthday. I actually hope to get it all the way to the hand-sewing-binding-down-on-the-back stage by the end of the day. 

Just doing an all-over meander stitch. This time, no fancy-schmancy decorative stuff that'll slow me down. Baby quilts get spit up on and all sorts of other stuff so my modus operandi on this one is just "get 'er done."

First, I have to finish cleaning the kitchen from Easter dinner. Then practice my flute. Then get to quilting! I'm a work-first-play-later kind of girl...