May Sew Sampler Unboxing

I'm really catching up on posts this weekend. I got my May Sew Sampler box a couple of days ago and didn't have time for a video unboxing, so here's another photo gallery of pics. 

I'm going to keep doing Sew Sampler for awhile. I'm loving the tools I get! Aurifil thread! Woot! Creative Grids rulers! Woot Woot! (And in a size I don't already have, which is pretty amazing given my collection.) Not entirely sure how the label letters work--I have to do a little research into those. The pattern doesn't really flip my switch but the fabric is cute. It's a new pre-cut size to me: 5" by 10" (or half layer-cake size). There was a pattern specifically for that size rolled up in the fabric so technically I got two patterns this month. I don't know if I'd make the pattern that came with the fabric either, although it would be a relatively fast project if I needed a quick gift or something. We'll need to brew on that one. 

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