Modeling Monday (StitchFix August 2018)

Okay, so I got some feedback that you really prefer seeing the clothes on. Much as I'm not keen with post-foot-surgery-weight-gain, here goes. 


I got my StitchFix box on Friday and it would've been 5-for-5 except this canvas tote that was way too close to one they'd sent me the first year. I use that one all the time--in fact, it's currently my flute lesson tote--but I really don't need a replica. In the grand schemes of things, other than the fabric, color, and materials, it's a different tote--this one is more hand-bag sized and shaped, and I like the little zipper pouch, but it's nothing I really see myself using all the time at the moment. However, I have a sister-in-law that expressed interest so it's already been passed along.


I'd asked my stylist for "transitional" items--things I could feasibly wear now in the summer but would transition easily into cooler weather in the fall.

This sleeveless top totally fits the bill! It's a Daniel Rainn Marcelle Tie Neck Top. I'm not good at identifying fabrics that aren't 100% cotton (hazards of being a quilter and not a garment sewer), but it's got sort of a silky feel to it, although it's not sheer. It fits beautifully and absolutely makes my boho side happy. And due to the colors, it'll easily work in the fall under cardigans of various fall hues. I've already worn this to a family event this weekend and was very comfortable in 85 degree heat. Definite keeper!


Speaking of "under a cardigan..."

This is the Honey Belle Rivington Textured Open Cardigan. It does work perfectly with this top, although I'd probably usually go with a navy blue cardigan (or a rust or gold, which will go on my next "ask" for my stylist). It's arguably not the best color for me but, honestly, up here in snow country, people don't tend to quibble about what thick, comfy cardigan you're wearing when the snow is flying outside. This is a good mid-weight knit. Too warm to wear right now but won't break me into a sweat in the fall. (I have another comfy cardigan that I can only wear when it's at its coldest outside because it's too heavily knit.) This will be a good office-cardy. 


I can't wait until I can start wearing this one! It's a very lightweight knit but it's so hot and humid today that I immediately wanted to rip it off as soon as I took this pic.

This is the Laila Jayde Bowie 3/4 sleeve Dolman Knit top. Again, it's a lightweight knit so it'll be absolutely perfect as our nights get cooler and then into the fall. I do have to wear a cami under it as the neckline is a little low--and it's a slouchy design so the neckline tends to work its way even lower pretty quickly. 

It's casual but given my normal work environment I could wear it with nicer pants and maybe a cami with a little lace on top and still get away with it for a lot of my work events, which is nice. And with a funky scarf in the fall? Sold! 


I like this shirt, I'm not happy with the way I currently look in this shirt, but it'll be good motivation to get back on that bandwagon. If I can focus, I should be easily able to look a little more "smooth" in this shirt by early winter, and it's a shirt I'd easily wear until next spring.

This is the Daniel Rainn Darrel Crochet Yoke Knit Top. Although it's a bit clingy, it's not actually at all uncomfortable or tight. With the pleating down the front it would actually be pretty slimming, so for now I'll likely just wear it under jackets or blazers or whatnot until I can deal with some issues. Meanwhile, I like the fact that it has the crochet top but isn't as revealing as many lace or crochet tops are. The shape of the hem is also pretty flattering--or would be, anyway.

It's a basic navy top I can easily throw on with jeans or dress pants and feel presentable. The fabric is nicely breathable too, so even though this is long sleeve I didn't feel as immediately warm in it today as I did in the dolman knit top. 


Now, back to my first Dia & Co box and the deliberation over the yellow top. I thought, as long as I was modeling clothes for you, I'd go ahead and snap a pic of me wearing the top so you can see what I mean about the color. 

Although it's a little tough to see in the bathroom lighting, you can tell I immediately look washed out. However, I just love the shape and feel of it, and I do think it would work well under a navy cardigan with some gold shiny jewelry--that would help pick up the color in my face again. The tie can go front or back but I do actually like it in the front, especially if it's under a cardigan. That would be a nice unexpected little detail. 

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting to find out if they have it in other colors. I'll keep you posted on that.

If you're interested in trying Stitch Fix, here's my referral code! Thank you in advance!