Mojo Monday—Sew Sampler Project

I took an hour or so for sewing yesterday (had lots of other stuff to get done too), and decided that I wanted to start a new, relatively fast project. The table runner pattern and charm packs I’d gotten from Sew Sampler seemed just the ticket, so I got things started!


It’s just a bunch of snowball blocks so it’s very easy, but I can’t say it’s particularly fast. Part of that is that their assumption, I think, is that I’d be a lot more random than I’m being. I took awhile to sort out which squares would be centers matched with which squares on the outside, which then means I need to do my cutting and sewing in a more organized fashion to make sure I keep those together. You can see in the pic I’ve used my little mini-clips to keep the pairs together. (I’d love to have more of the mini clips—those are great! I have the other two larger sizes already—every size has a perfect use!)

Once I cut the background square into 2” squares for the corners, I clipped those back to the foreground square again. I’m then sewing each set of four background squares to each foreground—chain piecing around the foreground rather than chain piecing a bunch of blocks all at once. I suspect it comes out about the same amount of time either way.  


I got about 8 blocks done last night. I have 24 to go. 

The colors are feeding my need for spring.