October Craftsy Class Update


It's looking like the last Craftsy class update I was able to post was back in (ahem) June. Yikes. No surprise, though, since I've had some other classes taking my attention! For at least the next few weeks, though, I should be able to make some progress on non-school-life. 

New Completions


  • Easy Techniques for Zippered Bags with Joan Hawley (see my review here). This was an in-and-out class, so it didn't have a chance to show up in the "to be completed" list before it hit the "completed" list.
  • Bead Embroidery with Myra Wood. I haven't had the time to post a review yet, but I've left myself a sticky note on my computer monitor to get that done. I didn't do the class project but will be using this class as reference when I add beadwork to embroidery projects. 
(See? I did get some things done!)

(See? I did get some things done!)

Classes in Progress


Classes added this month

(+4--there was a sale, I was weak...)

  • Mobile Photography: Perfect Photos in Your Pocket with Jack Davis. I'd asked Craftsy for a class like this awhile back and they told me they were working on it. It's now available: A girl's dreams can come true! I love photography--I've owned SLRs in the past, and my current digital camera is one step removed from a DSLR. The reality is, however, that I hate hauling that thing with me when I travel whereas my cell phone is always right at hand. This is especially critical when I'm staffing events for work--I need to be able to grab that great shot the second I see it, rather than scrambling to get my big ol' camera set up. Plus, the way smart phone cameras are developing, they're already better than early digital cameras were and improving with every update. And there are nifty attachments now to make them even better! So when I saw (1) this class was available and (2) it was on sale, who could resist? I've only gotten through the first couple of lessons so far but have already picked up several tips. (He discusses iOS and Droid platforms in the class.)
  • Moving Between Lightroom & Photoshop with Lesa Snider. This is the perfect trifecta class with the two I already own on Lightroom and Photoshop respectively. I've only owned the Lightroom program for a few months and have really only started using it a few weeks ago (again, for work), and love what I've figured out so far. I can't wait to take the classes and really know what I'm doing!
  • The New Chicken Dinner with Ian Knauer. The night after I got home from my last trip of the Insane Fall, I looked up what new cooking classes were available. I'm nesting, clearly. But I love cooking classes and didn't have any left on my list, so in the name of trying to start cooking at home again (after weeks of sandwiches, delivery, and restaurants), it seemed like a good investment.
  • Cook Smarter: Solutions for Weeknight Dinners with Sara Moulton. My husband and I used to watch Sara's first show in the way back, "Cooking Live," and really liked it. We weren't as keen on her next show (slightly different format) so I sort of lost track of her. I was thrilled to see her on Craftsy, and that's made me look up her current show--Sara's Weeknight Meals on PBS. I'll need to set it up to record, I guess. In any case, I've watched the first couple of lessons in this class, remembered why I liked her so much, and am planning on making some of the recipes next week--it feels good to have time to think about cooking again!

Classes To Be Completed

Current count: (15, +3 from last report) 

Completed Classes

Current count: 62 (+3)

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