Off-Topic Tuesday--Word of the Year

I decided a few weeks ago that my former word of the year, "Balance," has run its course for the time being. It's actually been my WOTY for a couple of years because I really, really had to work on it. But I'm in a pretty good place now. I was thinking one afternoon about how that word no longer called to me the way it had and whether or not that meant it was time for a change, when another word popped into mind and just wouldn't go away. After a couple of days letting it mull in the back of my brain, I've decided that--despite it being a couple of months into 2017 and therefore an odd time to be setting a Word of the Year--I'm now going to use a new word.


I've generally always managed to keep fun in my life but I've realized lately that, as part of finding balance, I've also been naturally leaning towards having more fun. Sometimes "fun" is something big, like signing up for the Color Run and DirtyGirl Mud Run (see Friday's post) or participating on a whim in a fashion show (see Saturday's post). But most times it's the little things that entertain me. 

For example, when I joined the Instant Pot community on Facebook (for those of us who are fans of our electric pressure cooker) I noticed that there was a trend of IP users to get custom made vinyl decals for their IPs. Yeah, it's a thing. IP owners are a bit overly emotionally-invested in their IPs, perhaps.

Anyway, after seeing a bunch of different decals pictured, I finally followed the links one afternoon and my IP has now been duly decorated.

Work at it--you'll figure it out. Or, at least, if you're a Tolkien fan, you will. (That's a hint.)

(Want one of your own? It's from EllieCanary on Etsy. She's got a ton of options.)


Along the same lines, my bullet journal is in a Leuchtthurm 1917 notebook, which has several lovely colors. I plan on working my way through most of the colors over my bujo lifespan but (for those who know me, they'd say "of course") I had to start with the fuschia one. I love it. Still n' all, when I saw decals on the bullet journal Facebook group I'm in--those FB groups can get you into trouble!--I ended up ordering a custom-made one with one of my currently-favorite protest phrases.

One could, I suppose, dilute the message by saying, "she persisted in getting her tasks done," but that's not how I mean it.

'Nuff said.

Kimberly at Sublime Reflection has a ton of resources and all around good stuff on her website. She also has vinyl decals with various sayings along with the ability to have something custom made. I sent her my wording, my choice of fonts from her options, as well as how I wanted it laid out (which words smaller and bigger, directionality, etc) and it's absolutely perfect. It was easy to apply and I just love the graphic boldness of it. It makes me smile every time I see it.

I already plan on having a different word or saying every time I start with a new bujo notebook. In fact, the next one might just be my word of the year--great way to remember, it, right?

The other thing that's making me giggle these days is Mickey on my Apple Watch. When you tap him, he tells you what time it is. And sometimes giggles. Or calls you "pal." I grin every time. It never gets old. 

What little things make you chuckle every time? How are you having fun every day?