Pre-weekend progress


By working in fits and starts this week (where does that phrase come from, anyway?), I've gotten all the cutting done for the Catch-All Caddy. The blue fabric is very old (inherited from Mom, no idea how long it had been on her shelves) and has been washed several times so even though I used Mary Ellen's Best Press with abandon, it's still a little squidgy. Fortunately it's my accent fabric and mostly used as trim so I don't think think the squidginess* will be a problem.  

Nothing much on the calendar this weekend right now except taking the Doofus to the vet on Saturday to figure out why he's lost fur in a patch on his shoulders (fortunately, he doesn't seem bothered by it), so I plan on spending plenty of time in my sewing room.  


  • Get binding and label on Jacob's Ladder quilt
  • Get Catch-All Caddy at least partway done
  • Finish embroidering the two little Christmas projects I started last weekend.  

I'm keeping my goals reasonable. I have a lot more in my head that I'd LOVE to get done but I always over-expect and under-deliver, so here's for trying to keep my feet firmly grounded in reality... 

*auto-correct did not like this word. "Squid news" was it's replacement of choice. I'm not up on the latest squid news, are you?