Progress and Goals--Week of 11-7-15

My goals this week were to:

  • Finish the pudgy birds garland.
  • Finish getting the Jacob's Ladder blocks set up and ready for sewing.

And I'm able to report...

...progress on neither.


To finish the garland, I need to cut out a bunch of birds and leaves, then mark the embroidery designs again. This has proved to be a bit of a stopper for me. Instead of spending time doing that, I returned my attention to my Sue Spargo butterflies project. It was a lot easier to pick something up that only needs stitching, not all that prep work. I think it's quite possible I could get the butterflies done tonight or, at least, all the embroidery done. I still need to decide how I'm finishing it, e.g., whether I'm doing a backing and binding of some sort, or just finishing the edges off somehow. But to be honest, it'll feel so good getting that project done that I can't especially regret not working on the pudgy birds at the moment.

I didn't touch the JL blocks, for no good reason other than I just didn't.

I also didn't get as much class reading done as I wanted to. I think I just went on a mental vacation this week. However, it's a new off we go!