Progress and Goals--Week of July 13

I warned you it would be a few weeks! I got home from my second trip on Friday and took the weekend regrouping, restocking the refrigerator, and finishing up a time-constrained project. Today I'm finally able to start looking at the next few weeks and figure out what I might be able to get done. 

Goals for This Week (from June 14)

  • Embroidery: Three butterflies. 

Okay, so my goals were minimal. I was apparently being very (and unusually) attuned to my schedule limitations.

So, that being said, I'm not even sure at this point if I got three butterflies done. I think I did my usual 1 1/2 before I left, but I honestly can't remember now. My primary focus was the gift project. And now, having spent the whole weekend polishing that off, I'm setting aside embroidery for at least a couple of days until my neck loosens up after being frozen in position staring at the hoop in my hands (and staring at the book and highlighter in my hands).

Strangely, that gift project didn't even make it onto the goals list, even though I knew that's what I'd have to be focusing on. So although I'm not sure I got my stated goal done, I did get another biggie goal completed. So there's that. 

I can't post pics of the completed project at this stage. Waiting until it's been duly gifted. I'm pretty sure none of the parties concerned read this blog or I wouldn't even be talking about gift projects but just to be on the safe side, my lips (and camera lens) are sealed. 

I'm in the mood to give myself a little change of pace and doing some sort of fast project. But my class reading has kicked up a notch and I'm still trying to figure out how to get exercise back into my schedule, so my goals will stay pretty, shall we say, realistic.

Goals for This Week

  •  Accessories: Small, fast project TBD. Maybe a microwaveable neck pillow, maybe a zipper pouch, maybe a tool holder...haven't settled yet. I won't get to my sewing machine for another couple of days anyway so I've got a little time to ponder. I'm looking for something I might reasonably get done in just two or three hours (one or two nights). I just want some instant gratification, and maybe a little minor stash-busting, before diving into my next more intense project.
  • Quilt Project: Get pieces sub-cut for Jacob's Ladder. I just realized that, when I did my initial list of categories for a short list, I left out any possibilities of ever doing straight-up new "standard" quilt projects. Hmmm. Shows you where my head has been at. Hence, a new category: generic "Quilt Project." I really need to get started on my Jacob's Ladder project. I don't have anything going on this weekend, so it's a good weekend to get a running headstart. I've already cut all the strips I need--my next step is doing some serious subcutting.  Using techniques from Debbie Caffrey's Craftsy class, Cut to It: Strategies for Smarter Quilting, I should be able to knock it out a little more quickly than usual. I'm also considering going to my guild sew-day on Saturday--what better way to deal with a fairly tedious task than to do it in the company of my peeps?

And that's it. Here's hoping I can get at least that much done!