Progress and Goals--Week of June 14


Last Sunday was my daughter's graduation party and although I kept saying I was keeping it casual, somehow I still ended up on my feet all day. So, no progress and goals post. However, I also have to confess that I hadn't made much progress and I hadn't really achieved many goals, so it's probably not a bad thing I ended up with an extra week to report. 

My goals for the week of May 23* were:

  • Accessories: EIIP Bag--next step.
  • Embroidery: Three butterflies. 
  • Art Quilt: May journal quilt. 
  • UFO: UFO list.
  • Hand-Dyeing/Surface Design: whatever I could do.

*and following, apparently


  • Accessory category: Annie Unrein Bag. Done! Done done done done done done done done! (I'll be doing a blog post with the reveal in another day or two.)
  • Embroidery category: Three butterflies. I got one done, maybe two (difficult to remember now since it's been over a week since I worked on it). Then I got distracted by a new crewel project, which I'm loving. I'm refocusing on the butterflies this week, though. I really do need to finish that project so I can mentally move on.
  • Art Quilt: May Journal Quilt. Technically, this is done. At least, I finished the main point of the project, although I didn't fully finish it. It's not fully finished because I can't really figure out how to do that at the moment, and don't have time to think about it. So it'll be on the "experiment/possible UFO" pile--IOW, I may finish it or not.  I learned what I wanted to learn from it, so we'll see whether I finish it just to have a finish or not.
  • UFO: List is all done, but everything's on hold for a bit since I'm heading into a spate of travel. I'll decide what I want to tackle next once I'm home again.
  • Hand-dyes: Not. I would really like to get back in the dye studio, I just haven't had the time. Possibly in July.

Goals for This Week:

  • Accessories: No goals--putting the other Annie Unrein bag from the class on hold until after travel is done.
  • Embroidery: Three butterflies. Really. Plus, I'm prepping an embroidery project to take with me on my back-to-back road trips; this project has a deadline so I need to ignore other projects for awhile. So this week I need to get the design traced, the ground fabric prepped, and everything packed for travel. (I bought a cosmetics bag at Target to use as an embroidery travel bag--the Annie Unrein EIIP bag is too big to pack easily on my upcoming trips.)
  • Art Quilt: My June journal quilt is the crewel embroidery project, but that's unlikely to get done any time soon, so I probably won't have a June journal quilt. I think I'm okay with that. So, no goals on the art quilt front.
  • UFO: No goals here for this week.
  • Hand-Dyeing/Surface Design: no goals for this week.

This may actually be my last progress and goals post for a few weeks; next week is Father's Day, the week after I'm out of town for work, and the week after I'm out of town again for vacation. So the goals for this week are probably the goals for the better part of the next month!