Scrap-in-a-Box (Scrapitude 2015)--Step 1 reporting in

Okay, you may recall me talking about my "secret project" that I was working on last summer, that really wasn't actually all that secret. I was working my way through Charlotte's 2015 Scrapitude mystery quilt "Scrap-in-a-Box" as a pattern tester/mystery tester  last summer so that I'd be prepared to have everything on my blog this year when she was ready to go.

And then she was able to launch her own blog. Woo hoo for yoooo, Charlotte! I was thrilled! And I immediately ceased work on the final stages of Scrap-in-the-box knowing that I'd be able to catch up with everyone once y'all got to play along too. I had a few other pressing-need-projects to refocus on at that point, and I thought it would be more fun to do the last couple of steps in a crowd.

Unfortunately, because I'd originally been taking pictures with the intention of posting steps, I have great photos of individual units under my sewing machine, but not the nice reveal of all the completed units for any one step. And after having worked through the mystery steps with me, Charlotte changed them up a bit so my unit photos don't always match what you're actually going to be doing--at least, in terms of what units get done when. 

So this is all I have to show you for Step 1. One measly unit.

But really, I did get all 82 of those units done; it was just a long time ago and they all got...well...I can't really tell you now, can I? 

Be sure you've subscribed to Charlotte's blog to get the rest of the Scrapitude steps:  The next one is released on February 10, 7:00 p.m. Eastern (or thereabouts). You'll also want to check out one of her recent posts on what "random but pleasing" means--great information!