Sew Sampler and Cotton Cuts Unboxing!

Do you recall my comments about being bored with my stash? I believe I'd already mentioned somewhere along the line that I'm trying out a couple of fabric-related quilt-y subscription boxes. The two I chose were Sew Sampler and Cotton Cuts. I explain why I made that decision in the video below.

By the way--if you want to move faster, here's a trick I use when I'm watching other people's unboxing vids. If I only want to see what they actually got and not listen to all their commentary, I use the "scrubber" to fast-forward through the video. In other words, you can just click and drag the little icon that shows where you are in the video. Move it forward until you see the next item pulled out of the box. (See P.S. for another couple of comments about the video.)


CORRECTION: I labeled the pattern I downloaded as "Mosaic." The correct title is "Moroccan Tiles." (Apparently I needed a little more caffeine yesterday!)

Here are a couple of related pictures:


The "lagniappe" I received in the CottonCuts box in use.

I already tossed the green bobbin holder as it was too difficult to fit through the center hole on my bobbins, and the bottom part was pretty short--it didn't want to stay in the spool. I showed in the video the ones I use and love. The other two little doo-dads are pretty cool, though! Unfortunately there wasn't information included with the box about brands or where to find them--I'm sure they're probably in the Cotton Cuts online shop. I've seen the blue thread holder before but not the little pink claw thing--that's great! It works a whole lot better than the fuzzy girls' ponytail holders I'm using now, which stretch out super-fast. I may have to pick up more of the pink claws. I use a net for my thread, though, so forasmuch as I like the blue wrap thing, I probably won't be buying those.


Here are the links for the two boxes:

Cotton Cuts (I'm subscribed to the "Classic" box. They have several other options at different price-points.)

Fat Quarter Shop Sew Sampler

P.S. I switched from using YouTube because doing it the way I did on this post means I can definitely keep the video private to this blog rather than risking any old yahoo stumbling across it and trolling in the comments. Also, I WILL avoid the bumping noise next time, and I'll lengthen my call-outs (the words that appear) so they don't go off as quickly. I've done a lot of this kind of stuff for work but not for quilting and it's just a little different technique. I will also do two separate unboxing vids for each box rather than always doing them in one--I didn't realize how long it would get doing both. So--thanks for being patient with my own learning curve here.