Snowstorm January 2014

We got a lot, but a manageable amount, of snow--the plows have been able to keep up with it well, although it's still pretty slick driving. This is one of those days that I'm extra glad to be a tele-commuter (to use an old-school term).

We're also fortunate enough not to be getting quite the horribly frigid temps of other areas, although it's single-digits. I ventured outdoors just long enough to take a few pictures in the yard, because there's nothing I like more than seeing pine trees covered in snow.


Spencer (Princess Doggie)--who normally gives up on the outdoors two minutes into her walk on cold days--took off into the woods and was rollicking about in snowdrifts like nobody's business. I think she figured if she just kept moving fast enough she was good to go--and there were those dang, nasty squirrels to protect me from, after all. Sam (Doofus), on the other hand, who normally loves burying his face in snowdrifts...


I took them both back inside as quickly as I could and spent a couple of minutes getting ice chunks out from between his toes. Poor guy--the downside of all that pretty Golden fur is it's an ice-magnet.

They both immediately flaked out in front of the fireplace. I don't think they'll be asking to go outside again any time soon. And, since it's supposed to just keep getting colder as the day wears on, I think we're all just going to hunker down.

Good day for sewing, and perhaps some baking.