Stash Report--January

I missed posting this on the 31st as I was out of town. A couple days late doesn't matter!

In the month of January, I:

  • Donated 41 1/2 yards of fabric (or, at least, set aside to donate as the donation step is a few months off).
  • Used 0 as I was working on quilt I'd started in December so it doesn't technically count.
  • Bought 20 @ 10" squares = approx 1 1/4 yards (Sew Sampler), 3 yards (Cotton Cuts), 1 Jelly Roll = 2 3/4 yards (Missouri Star Quilt Company), 9 yards of no-immediate-plan fabrics* (Mt. Pleasant Quilt Company). Total additions: 16 yards

Net: Still down 25.5 yards!

*If you recall, I'm not counting fabrics I had to buy for a project that will get used within a reasonable time period.